On the use of Visual Identity (V.I.)
Except for companies, organizations, and media that have contracts as Kashima Antlers ·official Sponsor, it is prohibited to use Kashima Antlers visuals (emblem, logo, mascot etc) in the sense of protecting the sponsors' rights. Thank you for your cooperation, for your understanding and for your cooperation.
About the use of still image (still photograph)
J League and J Clubs are responsible for administrative work such as photographs to protect the right of portrait of players, team mangers, and staff at the J League sponsored matches and events. Therefore, please be sure to observe the following matters concerning the use of photographs on the homepage when you shoot Kashima Antlers' players, team manager, and staff individually.

About photos photographed by individuals from stands at matches and events organized by the J League
Although it cannot be used except for individual storage, we allow to use only as a picture the players' personal portrait rights do not occur at the time of play etc. (in case you do not recognize individuals because of far distance) or stadium stand or field as a whole.
About photographs taken at the practice area and other places
When using it, permission to individuals such as players is certainly necessary.
About the information on this website
  • 1.Intellectual property rights, copyright, and the other rights of all information we provide to users such as video, audio, and text (but not limited to) belongs to us or a third party who provided the information to us.
  • 2.The information on this website can be used only for private use. We do not allow anyone to use information for commercial purpose, to transfer information to other persons, and to post information on any public homepage etc.
About the link to this site
We welcome the link to this official site. When linking, be sure to link to the following top page.

Kashima Antlers Official Site; http://www.antlers.co.jp/

Please use the banner below if you would like to use banner on link.

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