Club Profile

Team NameKashima Antlers
Management CorporationKashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd.
PresidentFumiaki KOIZUMI
Address2887 Aou Higashiyama, Kashima City, Ibaraki, 314-0021, Japan
Our Vision
The Club’s Comprehensive Ability Being Challenged in Every Aspect Eight Years Since the Launch of Vision KA41
Eight years ago, on 1 October 2011, Kashima Antlers announced ‘Vision KA41’ as part of the club’s 20th anniversary celebrations. This is our vision concerning how the club should meet the year 2041, the 50th anniversary of our establishment, and indicates what we have to do and how we can link each task in order to achieve our aims. However, this is not a pledge made to assign responsibility to any one individual. This was a declaration of our intent made in 2011 ? the year in which we suffered from an unprecedented disaster, the Great East Japan Earthquake ? to approach the management of the club with innovative thinking.

Seven years have now passed and in this, the eighth year since, Antlers are entering a new phase in the development process. From now on, too, we won’t change and will keep progressing with the limited market of the Rokko region, knowing that if we don’t grow or reform the club will struggle to remain in existence. As society as a whole changes in various ways, including the evolution of digital technology and a change in the mindset of consumers, we will also ride the wave and make forecasts for further ahead as we advance. However, there is something that doesn’t and must not change. That is the spirit and the tradition of the club. “Everything for Victory.”

This mission will never change. Let us once again recap the essential standpoints hung upon KA41.
  • 1. To continue as a strong club challenging the world
  • 2. To be a youth development-oriented club based in the local area
  • 3. To be a brand supported by locals with a thorough local strategy
  • 4. To have a base at a world-class stadium
  • 5. To keep sharing the dream with the Antlers family
Under the everlasting theme of ‘Football Dream’ we will keep challenging ourselves. We will dedicate ourselves to reform in order to inherit the tradition and embody our five standpoints. What issues should we be contending with now? This brief will outline our current attitude with regard to 'Vision KA41'.